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    Aashiana Impex is located in Sialkot, which has been a major manufacturing center for Surgical and Medical Instruments. The company is equipped with latest technology and highly skilled and technical working staff.

    The commitment to excellence and consistent working approach sublimated the goodwill of the company high enough to be compared with any internationally well renowned company. Since its inception in the field of cosmetic and medical instruments Brenner Industries proudly claims to be at the forefront in the products of unmatched quality.

    Aashiana Impex is dedicated to provide its valued customers with the best quality products and personalized service they deserve. We have been supplying the medical and cosmetic industry with the highest quality as per International Standards in Surgical Instruments , Dental instruments , Orthopedic Instruments , Electro Surgical Instruments , Veterinary Instruments , Hospital Textiles and Beauty Instruments for all specialties for over 4 years.

    In addition to broad range of products Brenner Industries offer complete in-house repair service and custom manufacturing. When you buy from Brenner Industries it will be our responsibility to ensure you are provided with the finest services and quality.

    Aashiana Impex is always investing heavily in Research and Development to develop products which are innovative and user friendly.

    Aashiana Impex is a one stop shop for many clients. Although we have an extensive customer base, we continue to treat each customer with individual attention. Through constant innovation, we continue to provide the highest quality instruments and unparalleled service to meet and exceed all of our customers' needs. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to give you the support you need.

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